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Subject: Re: Maggie and Trudie and Grammar ( 12 of 22 )
Posted by Hermes

1st~ Although editors may be really gramatically-correct they do change a lot....not that that's bad or anything, but it's really good to know grammar so they don't have to (change much) and won't have the chance to be able to mess things up.

2nd~ Ah...I've forgotten the second point! No wait, I remember: let's not start correcting people's grammar on the forum, I have a friend who does that and it's very annoying.

3rd~ "unlike, say, a journalist, who is much more restricted to traditional prose" Journalists don't have to stick to every rule in the grammar-book. There's a columnist, I forget her name, who writes for the New York Times. She writes stream/train of thought pretending to be people, a lot of that isn't gramatically correct but it's really great- I remember reading one where she pretended to be Al Gore and incorperated some stuff from the movie Gladiator into her article.

~Hermes, a fellow aspiring writer
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