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Subject: Re: Maggie and Trudie and Grammar ( 7 of 22 )
Posted by Mike S.

If I read Mike's (this thread's originator, not me) comment correctly, he wasn't claiming that there were any grammatical problems in the Maggie & Trudie story; on the contrary, he may have seen it as an example of excellent grammar that was an enjoyable read as well.

I remember reading a novel whose chapters alternated between third person from one character's perspective, to first person by another character, and the first person chapters were intentionally written in an extremely awkward grammar and spelling combination that was quite annoying, but very interesting. I think the author was Iain Banks, but I can't remember the title of the novel right now. Anyway, I guess my point was that it might be okay to employ bad grammar for effect, especially when telling a story in the first person, or when a particular character is speaking, but the other "story telling" text should be properly spelled, punctuated and so on.

- Mike
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