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Subject: Re: Maggie and Trudie and Grammar ( 18 of 22 )
Posted by Anonymous

Maybe Paul McCartney and B.B. King don't read sheet music. This doesn't mean they don't understand the rules of melody and composition. And they DO know whether or not they're in tune. They are brilliant musicians who know how to work within the structures of musical communication.

And maybe Vonnegut's degree is in Anthropology. But he knows the rules of grammar. You don't have to be a professor of English to learn the rules of grammar. You could be a kindergarten drop-out and still be able to write correctly.

You can't depend upon your editor and proofreader to correct your mistakes. That would be suicide, since the editor and proofreader can't catch everything. Besides, no editor in his right mind would keep you on his payroll if he had to spend his days correcting your grammar.
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