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Subject: Re: proactive hitchhikers... ( 12 of 32 )
Posted by Tony Fabris

Interestingly enough, I just double-checked the MFAQ, and it doesn't
directly say anything like "Don't ask Douglas what he meant by 42".

It does mention that it was just intended as the wrong answer to the
wrong question, which was the root of the joke. But it doesn't say
anything straightforward like "Quit trying to find meaning in the
number 42, there isn't any, it was a random number".

There's also a blurb at the top of the forums, but again, it's a little
weak and doesn't directly say "There are no hidden meanings in
42 so quit asking". It just says that Douglas has retired from the
job of answering the question.

Personally, I like the idea of coding the forums to refuse posts with
"42" in them. But I'm also pretty sadistic as sysadmins go. (Most
sysadmins are masochists-- why else would they want that job?)

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