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Subject: $@ forum ( 28 of 32 )
Posted by Zorknot

The whole business of the answer to LTUAE may be old. It may even be tired, but to me it's like Ulysses' dog, Wossname. It gives a joyous feeling like you're home again. Also having spent half of my life finding new instances of the aforementioned number (yes my life is that dull) it's absolutely astounding how eerie it starts to get. Every now and again I catch myself actually believing there's something significant about it.

Then I hear about this backwards new-agist religious cult which worship the number eleven (of course if you multiply it by four and subtract two...sorry couldn't help it:-) They dress in white robes and dance around in circles opening heart chakras and generally being an annoyance to the livestock of the fields they play in as if the cows and what not don't have enough problems with the diseases they're getting from Soylent Beef and all. When I hear about that I say to myself, "Hey! They're worshiping the WRONG NUMBER!" and luckily I stop that line of thinking before I get around to simplifying my wardrobe and buying kool-aid in bulk.

To get back to some semblance of a point I too think there should be a forum about THE NUMBER wherein the dangers of numerology and too much free time are discussed as well as the possibility that HHGTTG's increasing fame might be causing an increase the number of occurances of that which lies between forty-one and forty-three in various media (for instance is the apartment number of Mathew Broderick's character in The Cable Guy a coincidence or a semi-tribute to HHGTTG?)

Those of you with short attention spans may wake up now.

I like my donkeys cooked,
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