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Subject: Re: proactive hitchhikers ( 20 of 32 )
Posted by Garrison Beckett

Well, to be honest, any and all undue stress in my life right now is due to classwork. If you were to say, "Shut up, Garrison," then I would take it in stride because, well, I really don't care. I was hoping for a few words from Mr. Adams, actually, and it was nice, at least, to see him respond to my good friend's post. Of course, he really had no chance to post to me directly, as Kate posted her response just after I did (both using her own computer). But I'd as happily take Douglas Adams thanking someone for shutting me up as I would take a bullet for the Queen. ... Not just because I don't want Charles on the throne, mind you, but ... where was I going with this?

Hakuna matata!
--Garrison Backett
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