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Subject: Movie Confusion ( 1 of 9 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

A lot of people seem to have some really confused ideas about what's going on.

There has not been a previous movie of Hitchhiker. There has been an (excellent) Radio series and a (not very excellent) television series, made on videotape. Both were made by the BBC.

The movie, i.e, the feature film is being produced by Roger Birnbaum of Spyglass (formerly Caravan) and directed by Jay Roach. The studio is Disney. It has no connection with the TV series, except that it tells very roughly the same story, and the screenplay is being written by me. The TV series was made in England on a typical BBC budget (i.e. almost absurdly low). The movie will be a big budget Hollywood feature. I am the only common factor between the old TV series and the new feature film.

I know that some of you guys will misunderstand this because you're very talented at that, but this is the best I can do to try and clear it up.

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