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Subject: Re: Disney and Disney ( 7 of 9 )
Posted by woodears

""Believe in Yourself" the motto, and resident cliche, of all Amblin', and DreamWorks SKG films. It turns up in all their animated films, up to and including "PRINCE OF EGYPT".

When enumerating Disney cliches, please don't leave out the two lovable sidekick robots, Frankie and Benjy (Marvin just got too depressing). These two engaging and funloving playmates accompany Arthur and Ford everywhere.
The Vogons will reappear throughout as Big Bad Villains, minus the poetry.
Really, this could go on for weeks, but Hollywood Pictures is not associated with the other branches of Disney in any way. If DNA has creative control, he should get what he wants in the picture. It doesn't sound like this situation applied during the making of the TV show, which I found the least effective version of the series. It did have some funny moments, but was a disappointment in its entirety.

I did find A CIVIL ACTION the best film, by a long shot, of any that I've seen this year. But I'm looking forward to THE THIN RED LINE before making final judgments.
And I can't wait to see HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY--I wish I could work on it!
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