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Subject: Re: Movie Confusion ( 2 of 9 )
Posted by Chris Casino

Americans think there was a movie mainly
because all six episodes of the
show were put on tape. My aunt
made the same mistake. My Mom,
too. When I tried to explain to
her that she didn't know anything
about Hitchhiker, she said,"Yes
I did, I watched the movie with you."
And believe me, that pissed me
off to no end. And I hope to
God the movie is better than the TV
show. I've no doubt it will be because
A. The special effects will be more
convincing, and B. It has to be.
The TV series was really botched
up. And I hope you don't lose sleep over
it, Mr. Adams, as it was Alan Bell's
fault not yours.

It seems to me you hooked up with a lot
of people who thought they knew
more about Hitchhiker's than you
(i.e. Alan Bell, Ivan Reitman).
I'm glad Jay Roach and Roger
Birnbaum aren't letting their
egos get in the way of the production
like the previous two gentlemen
I mentioned did.
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