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Subject: Disney and Disney ( 6 of 9 )
Posted by wilsonc

To further confuse the Disney issue, "Pulp Fiction" was from Miramax, which seems to be an Independent film division of Disney. There are other (not independent) divisions which include the Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, and Buena Vista. And now Woodears (who says s/he works for the outfit) tells us it is "Hollywood Pictures" which gets our beloved HHGTTG.

But oh -- for a few moments -- to imagine a true Disney animated feature adaptation: lovable woodland creatures surrounding Arthur and Ford to throw them off the ship. Paul Winchell (the voice of Tigger) as the voice of Eddie your shipboard computer on the Heart of Gold. Pearl Bailey singing as Marvin to tunes written by Elton John. Arthur's tragic context would be that his mother and/or father and/or aunt and/or granny had been killed by hunters and/or ruined by a greedy/stupid villain or villainess who took advantage of his basic good nature. And a wonderful moral message would ensue at the happy ending - choose "Man is dangerous", "Be happy to be who you are", "Believe in yourself", "Be kind to small woodland creatures", or whatever.

But I digress. So, "A Civil Action" is the best movie of the year? OK. But the best movie of 2000 will be Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe", n'est-ce pas?

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