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Subject: Re: A DNA Rant ( 2 of 16 )
Posted by tend to agree

Having thought long and hard about this, I am inclined to agree. I stumbled across this site by chance as well, however, I would count myself a 'fan' for many years, having been drawn into the HHGTTG on the radio in the late 70's, and, subsequently to the books.

It always appeared to me that Douglas Adams was 'just this guy, you know?' brilliant, of course, but very British, quite shy, and awfully good at what he did. The concept of his having a web site and a chat forum is quite refreshing, but the fact that his own contributions are being highlighted seems to imply something of a personality cult, rather than this fabulously rich and talented geezer just modestly chatting away with his cyber-mates. Admittedly, I'm knocking on a bit now, perhaps I'm getting a bit set in my ways, who knows how I'd behave if I had bzillions in the bank and had eschewed Islington for Santa Barbara (actually I have a bit of a problemn with the whole Santa Barbara thing full stop, but that's probably just old fashioned jealousy!). Perhaps I just like my geniuses (geniui?) modest. Douglas is a cool guy with a big nose and snow on his upper slopes, and if I had what he's got, who's to say I wouldn't behave the same way.

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