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Subject: Re: My Own Little Thank You ( 16 of 16 )
Posted by Fredie

HELL I'll openly admit it I Idolize
Douglas! but as a consciencous human being!
Remember "Last Chance to See"?
&I admire the hell out of his Writing talents
and would buy the guy six rounds if I ever
met him in a pub for all the hours of reading
pleasure his books have given me!
I was even inspire to name my
CD "Gettin' the hang of Thursdays"!
but I like to think (and I'd hope Douglas
does too) that a fan or admirer of your work
shares some common ground with you other than that work
I think If I ever got to meet DNA and to talk to him for
15 minutes that only 1 would be spent discussing the Hitchhikers guide...I'd rather ask him about wildlife in Mauritius or english politics or something
An Artist likes to think his public reflects the best of him/her in @ least SOME way

Douglas...Any words/views on the matter?

BCNU -Fredie Vinson, LA
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