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Subject: Driving the point home ;^) ( 9 of 16 )
Posted by Matthew Kershaw

Bill & Co.

I think your argument should have delineated between the fans input and Douglas himself.

Firstly Douglas is not aggrandising his own importance via this site. It provides information, news, interaction and commerce. The commerce is both related to the interests of the readers and presumably defrays the costs of running the site. The answers given by Douglas for the most part are pertinent and humble. The reason they are highlighted so is because some people take great delight in impersonation. .....*deja vu*

In terms of the cult of personality created by the fans, in some respects your probably right. But you must understand that a lot of correspondence in this forum comes from first time posters. Who for years have presumably wanted to say how wonderful his books are and/or how incredibly talented they think he is. Surely you can forgive a little natural ebullience every now and then. Given that most of the posters are in their teens, its only natural to idolise people. When your trying to BECOME.


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