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Subject: Re: A DNA Rant ( 4 of 16 )
Posted by Jenz Kjellberg

I can admit that we the fans tend to idolise DNA a bit more that what is healthy for both us and him, possibly. But the way I see it, he is not to blame.

He had this thing set up because he wants to be able to communicate with us and because we certainly want to communicate with him (I use the word "communicate" VERY loosely). A good thing.

His threads are highlighted because it makes it easier to find any remarks from him. They should be easy to find, because they could be hilariously funny (99 percent of them aren't, since he posts threads to answer questions and tell news, not stories and since he has TONS of fans, sane and not so sane, asking him TONS of questions, sane and not so sane).

The copyrightremark I simply don't understand. He has even put some short stories out on this very site, for all to read. Pretty generous, in my opinion. And since he's not a very productive author, he had better copyrighting every single word from his laptop.

I can also agree that he tends to be a bit, shall we say, impatient with some fans asking him this and that, and this is a blot, yes. But after having been asked the same questions on a weekly basis since 1980, I too would probably feel a bit full...

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