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Subject: Re: Mr. Adams ( 11 of 25 )
Posted by Christopher Cross

Hrm, the idea that the film ends promising the sequel is interesting. Does it end with ...

'Arthur Dent will return in...
Resturant: HHGTTG II'

How would we even begin to feel if the story was not told in its full. Readers of the books know what happens, the arc is already there for us, so we will be watching the film knowing that events happening effect future (or sometimes past, or even un-related) events.

Okay I admit, I can't wait to see how the world is destroyed and how will the Vogon fleet look in BIG SCREEN but even if the film covers the first book, there has to be bits missing and will I be sitting there going .. NO whats happened to that line. And who the hell is that, it looks nothing like Ford. Will there still be the book animations and will the book still look erm.. tacky?

So Douglas (I hope you don't mind me calling you Douglas, after all I feel I know you well enough in a time frame any way), how much of the book is missing and will we actually be happy with the feel of the film, even be hungry for the sequel?
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