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Subject: Mostly Linear ( 21 of 25 )
Posted by Gargamel


...when I got to the end of 'Mostly Harmless', I wasn't depressed at all...I was a little flabbergasted, but once I got my head around it I was quite satisfied. I didn't see it as being so final...

(a) Trillian knew what was happening, she knew that the Grebulons wanted to blow earth up.

(b) There were like 2/3 space ships plonked around the city, they could have jumped in any one of them and taken off before the Vogons/Grebulons made earth kablooie.

(c) Arthur was not happy knowing that he hadn't been to 'Stavromula Beta'. Sure, he knew his life was 'charmed', but he was on edge - and semi-depressed. He was so relieved that it was all over...he was happy, and the one thing that rings true in all HHGTTG readers is that we want Arthur to be happy.

I saw the ending as being left open for either another book, or for the individual reader to make up their own mind.

Maybe I read just a wee little bit too heavily into it. :-)


PS: Besides, all the parallel Earths were dissolved by The Guide MKII, but what about the next person who possesses the Guide who wants the earth back? Plus you never know what could happen in the Plural sectors....
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