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Subject: the defense calls bobthegreat ( 19 of 25 )
Posted by bobthegreat

i felt that mostly harmless was one of the better books in the series. although it was a little different than the others, it's still a hitchhikers book and still by mr.adams. it was 'refreshing' if you will. and i don't think that it is egotistical of DNA to call himself that. i don't even understand what you mean by that. if DNA was to pen another book, i feel it would stand a good chance of being his best yet. he would have to come up with a really interesting story line to reintroduce the 'dead' characters and it would be nice to find out what zaphod's been up to. so in closing, long live mostly harmless, DNA, and any future h2g2 books, if he chooses to write them, of course.

waste 2000
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