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Subject: Lord Lopper... ( 25 of 25 )
Posted by Chevy Lumina

I mentioned earlier that there WERE parts of the book I liked; pretty much ALL the parts with Ford are definitely among them. The window, the obsessing over the shoes, the colourful descriptions of what the Guide offices DIDN'T look like, the little robot that he reprogrammed, bouncing his head off a window and landing on a couch (some of that stuff he was doing sounded like out-takes from a Jackie Chan movie, almost...) throwing his towel on the guy's head and yelling "KILL!!!!", etc.
I also liked the bits with "The King", and seeing Tricia McMillan's alternate lifestyle. In fact, that bit actually inspired some artwork from me. (I draw stuff based off of ANYthing that catches my imagination enough. I like to put a character's image in my mind onto paper, if I can; or capture a dramatic scene, or...ya know. Just for fun.)
I did it on the computer: I started with a plain woman's face and features with no hair, clothes, or colour yet, just a face, and saved it that way. I then added a wild hairdo and futuristic clothes and LOTS of makeup on one, and then took the same basic face--from my saved file--and did it up AGAIN, reversed, facing the other way, with a conservative, normal hairdo, a nice suit, and toned-down makeup. But I got the eyes, skin, and hair tones _exactly the same_ on both.
Then I shrunk them down just enough so that both would fit on the same page, and put them next to each other, facing away.
The wild futuristic one has the caption "Trillian" by her head, and the more conservative, normal one in the nice suit has the caption "Tricia McMillan" by her head.
At first glance they look very different, but are actually identical.
Trillian's name is in a futuristic spacey font and Tricia's is in THE most plain, boring, ordinary font I could find. :)

I can draw BETTER by hand, but by hand it's a lot harder to get the faces to be _exactly_ identical--at least, it is for me. Also, when I draw on the computer I can upload directly, I don't need to scan the pictures! (I don't HAVE a scanner.)

Want to see these? No you don't. They aren't that good.
For one thing, I did them using Microsoft Paint.
(And it's based off the TV version of Trillian; although the face is messed up that's DEFINITELY what I was going for, so you probably wouldn't like them from that alone.)
Yes, they ARE on the 'net but you DON'T want to see them.

Anyway. My point is, that bit with the two identical-yet-different women facing off towards two different lives was inspired BY "Mostly Harmless!"
I liked MOST of the book. It's just the bit with Fenchurch and the ending that I hated. Unfortunately, the ending is...kinda IMPORTANT, so it sorta throws a shadow over everything else!

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