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Subject: Enough with the pop songs!!! ( 28 of 46 )
Posted by Darren Zieger

Maybe someone else has made this point -- I haven't the patience to slog through all of the previous posts -- but has it gotten to the point where the term "Film Score" is synonymous with "collection of arbitrarily assembled pop tunes designed to boost revenues if the movie tanks" ?

If this thread goes on long enough, I'm sure we'll manage to catalog every pop song written in the last 30 years that contains the word "space." But frankly, I'd much prefer a real orchestral score, a technique that's been known to work quite well in science fiction films (did anyone spend this much energy speculating about what pop songs would have fit into the new Star Wars film -- I mean other than 20th Centry Fox execs).

Barring a purely orchestral score, I would tend to think that Mr. Adams is proabably asking the musician friends he mentioned to write songs specifically for the film, for this reason: using previously released songs in the soundtrack, particularly well-known ones, would completely undermine the sense of otherworldliness, alien-ness, in the film. We have too many associations with the pre-existing songs.

Not to beat this to death, but I have long thought that compilation soundtracks were the worst thing to happen to the medium since 1930s Nazi propoganda films. Compilations are the way you squeeze more dollars out of pieces of crap like "You've Got Mail," right up there with product placement.

Pardon my rant. Get a life. Sorry, ranting again.


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