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Subject: Re: Dave Z - this is for you ( 30 of 46 )
Posted by Darren Zieger

...of course I was being a bit extreme to make a point. But I still maintan that the balance has shifted much to far toward compilation soundtracks and -- this is the point -- for reasons having nothing to do with film making, but entirely with merchandising.

Maybe it's a generational thing. I'm 30, and I became a major fan of film soundtracks (by certain composers, at least) in the early 80s. I think it was the influence of MTV, but in the course of a few years, comedy films in particular went from being dominated by composed scores to being glorfied music videos. Teen-oriented films were the worst culprits, of course...and maybe that's why I have such bad associations. Not every movie with a compilation soundtrack is as excerable as, say "Mannequin 2."

Oh well, we've probably all spent more than enough energy on this thread. I'm outta here.

Darren Z
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