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Subject: Re: Dave Z - this is for you ( 32 of 46 )
Posted by Romana

you make a point. but am I to think that youre suggesting that the new Hitchhikers guide movie might be as low in the ranks as the previously mentioned "Mannequin 2"? I would sure hope not. Let us trust our beloved writer and producer Douglas Adams to make the right choices in music for the movie. He's done a splendid job so far, why would he suddenly make a crap film with crap music? (::suddenly remembers the way I felt when I say star wars the phantom menace and how my respect for george lucas was obliterated when I learned that he didnt care anymore:: ... ::shakes myself out of it and remembers that D. Adams does it for fun and not always money like G. Lucas!!::)


ps: no disrespect meant D.Z.
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