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Subject: Re: Dave Z - this is for you ( 38 of 46 )
Posted by Darren Zieger

Re: Romana's post --

I certainly didn't mean to imply that my expectations were so low. On the contrary, I was conceding that my association of the compilation soundtrack with 80's stinkers like "Mannequin 2" probably biased my opinion of it's validity in the absolute. However, I do not back down from my assessment of the film/record industry in this regard. It's all about packaging and subsidiary income, not art.

In fact, now that I think of it, I believe it's the consolidation of media in general that's responsible for the worst excesses.

I mean, the Time/Warner corporation, for example, subsumes a major film studio with multiple subsidiaries, a major record company with dozens of labels, a publishing empire, and a television network, a probably a dozen other types of media as well. When they put together a major movie deal, it's likely to be all about positioning. They'll cast the star of some crappy WB network show as the lead in the flick, which they'll promote heavily on their network, particularly whe said show airs; they'll pack the soundtrack with Warner Brothers artists -- the movie promotes the record promotes the movie promotes the albums by the various artists.

This is all fine, capitalistic behavior in theory -- though when Time magazine does a feature article on the flick, you're treading a slippery slope -- but lets face it, this is why Will Smith is the apotheosis of contemporary American culture.

None of this will necessarily affect The hitchhikers production. I believe that the people involved have plenty of integrity. But then again, everything I said about Warner applies to Disney.

Let's hope they leave DNA and his associates alone to make the movie they want.


Darren Z.

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