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Subject: Dave Z - this is for you ( 29 of 46 )
Posted by Romana

ummm... have you seen the x-files movie by any chance?? If you have you might want to take note that it has both a successful Orchestral Score AND a Pop Score. Things like that can exist in harmony you know! I doubt that our dear douglas would dare let HHG go with out an orchestra and a smashing score sure to blow our minds with energy. But perhaps he's looking at good pop songs to go with the score as well.

if you'll think back to the radio series of HHG you should be aware that some of the music used in that was preformed by an orchestra BUT written by popular artists such as Brain Eno who works closely with U2.

things CAN exist in harmony.

scores dont have to be ALL "classical" or ALL "pop". basically scores preformed by orchestras are written specifically for the movie wich leaves the fans out of it! the only thing we can bicker over and/or discuss are the pop sellections that might very well be included in the movie as well.

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