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Subject: Re: casting people ( 33 of 59 )
Posted by ray daley

For christs sake, don't cast any americans as anybody!
films with uk casts can be successful look at
brassed off
the full monty
shallow grave
if these can do it without yanks, so can hikers
sorry yanks but hikers is a brit flick, made with US money.
try and recast as close to the radio and tv versions as poss.
with tape of radio and tv, we can still make peter jones the voice of the book.
we must keep hikers a brit affair, and if anyone can't think of who to cast as trillian-then recast sandra dickinson, she's a yank! cast her as token yank in movie
make marvin a cgi robot, based on the uk tv designs
do cgi on the ships but retain the tv designs again.
anyone thought about casting chris barrie (rimmer in red dwarf) in any role, he's so multi talented. i'd also like to see roy hudd reprise his radio role of max quordleplenn host at milliways.
anyway, this is my 10p's worth
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