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Subject: casting ( 56 of 59 )
Posted by nick

ok I know this subject hasn't been touced in a while, but I am new so bear with me. I have always thought that Hugh Grant would make a perfect aurthur dent. Hell he practicly played aurther in 4 weddings and a funeral. I also (coincidently) thought that liz hurly would make a good trillion, but I guess that might not be such a good idea these days, john cleese as Slartibartfast is an inspiered casting choice. As for everyone else, I have no idea. But I do hope that DNA will grab himself a part. After hearing him read the books on tape I think he could do any of them to perfection (even if he only wants a small one and not something like the part of Zaphod).
I would now like to appoligize for my horrific spelling. I have come to rely far too much on the spell check on my computer, ah well.....

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