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Subject: Re: casting people ( 57 of 59 )
Posted by ChrisK

My only problem with any of the famous actors that have been named is that, and this happens with any movie I watch, I tend to think about that person's previous characters he/she played in other movies.
This is kinda distracting. It's nice to sometimes watch a good movie where I have NO clue who the actors are or in what other movies they've been in. This allows me to totally focus the part they are playing in THAT movie alone and makes the actor's character more believable.

But I do have to say...Howard Stern as Zaphod seems almost poetically accurate! And of course, NO ONE OTHER THAN S. Moore for the voice of Marvin!!!

From an American point of view, I wouldn't care if all the actors were British since all the tapes I ever listened to were done in a British accent (S. Moore once again) and so I've just gotten used to it. Even when I read the books, I use British accents for the characters in my own head. Besides, so MUCH of the story deals with and occurs in the go ahead and do an all British cast. Would seem kinda weird to me to hear it done with non British accents anyway.
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