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Subject: Re: Casting Aspersions ( 52 of 59 )
Posted by ray daley

agreeing on mel and danny for the magrathean cops.
they are called or nick-named shooty and bang-bang FYI!
trillian can be american, someone suggested tori amos, she's cute and looks intellgent yet vague.
sandra dickinson was american, after all, i step back and say ok, we can have some yanks in the movie. please not robin williams for zaphod, someone irish/scottish (not heavy accent) or new zealand.or oz.
arthur MUST be ENGLISH! maybe hugh laurie or mark gatiss!
mark would make an excellent ford, give him the weird purple contacts that ford had to wear in the tv show.
cgi marvin with stephen moores voice or nigel planer doing a semi neil of the young ones, maybe have robin williams as the voice of eddie the computer. can brian blessed be vogon prostetnic jeltz PLEASE? i'd like to see rowan atkinson play mr prosser (in, as you say, the mud), if any famous american feel they must appear, cameo them like the pub landlord, hotblack desiato, can dave prowse play hotblack's bodyguard again! i'd like to see tracey ullman playing a female golgafrincham hairdresser, i still wanna see chris (rimmer) barrie play a role.
anyone else like these ideas, or not?
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