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Subject: I have some great casting suggestions ( 47 of 59 )
Posted by Kostas Spiliotis

Kevin McDonald, Dave Foley Scott Thompson, Bruce McCullough or Mark McKinney - Members of the brilliant and dark Monty Pythonesque Canadian comedy troupe "The Kids in the Hall":
They'd be perfect to play the Pan-Dimensional beings who question the computer, Deep Thought.
I've seen them do a sketch on their comedy show about a future where people worship a fat naked man wearing only a towel called Bellini and who thought people who worshipped were complete fools. There guys play brilliany comic incompetent characters.Big recommendation: Kevin McDonald, Dave Foley or Mark McKinney

Another big suggestion : Get Mark Gatiss ( I saw him in the brilliant dark British comedy "The League of Gentlemen" and I also managed to have someone send me see his Doctor Who coemdy sketches from that Doctor Who night they had in November 1999 on BBC tv in the UK.) Yes, he's also one of the current Doctor Who novelists and he's very witty.

Anyway, these are just suggestions for comic actors to use, but I really would like your opinion or should I wait to ask Jay Roach for casting.
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