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Subject: improved ordering, threading, email notification ( 16 of 30 )
Posted by Whybird

It presently annoys me somewhat that a thread that is still getting active posts will drop off the end of the list simply because enough new threads (many of which no-one other than the creator cares about) have been created since. I think the threads should be listed in order of the time of the most recent activity on that thread, not the time of creation.

I would also like to see more than just one layer of threading, so that, for example Salom's reply to Lord Lopper's suggestions in this thread could be seen to be such by the threading hierarchy rather than looking like a reply to your (DNA's) original post. (see the User Friendly cartoon comments system for an example of multi-layered threading, although they display it poorly and do may other things wrong).

Also, it might be nice to optionally receive email notification if/when someone replies to one of my posts.

Which brings me to another point about email addresses - it should be possible for the system to have my email address and make use of it as above, but not, if I choose it to be so, display that address to the world at large.

Just my thoughts, hope they're of some use.
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