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Subject: Re: This website ( 6 of 30 )
Posted by Cagliostro

To be completely honest, I think the only threads that should be archived are the ones that Douglas Adams (yourself, if you are reading) has responded to. I think that anyone coming here for the first time doesn't want to listen to our ramblings. This is something of a fan site, so his/your word is golden. I certainly only read through the most recent threads and all the backlog of DNA threads before I started chiming in. Save the rest of the space for future generations. I think there are some shining moments of brilliance throughout this site in threads that are ones that he/you have not responded to, but they will come around again, and honestly, who goes rooting through the archived threads for NON-Douglas Adams statements. Very few, is my guess. I've plopped a lot down here myself, but I'm very willing to see it disappear into the void.
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