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Subject: Fan fiction ( 26 of 30 )
Posted by Whybird

The encouragement or not of fan fiction is an interesting topic in itself.

Imagine for a moment that you're a Star Trak fan. If you make a home video based on Star Trek characters, and maybe decide it's good enough to show at your next fan club meeting, Paramount may well prosecute you (they have in the past). Naturally, the fans hate this - after all, nobody in any way pretended these were the real characters, or andoresed by Paramount in any way, and is that any way to treat the sincerest form of flattery?

Now imagine for a moment you're a Star Wars fan. If you do the same as above, George Lucas will pat you on the back and even provide a web site where you can put your fan fiction up for all the world to see. Guess which, out of Paramount and George Lucas, is loved by the fans of their shows? And beleive me, if any fan fiction detail or characterisation is in conflict with a George Lucas one, no one doubts which is right and which is wrong. George loses no control.

I think that of those two extremes, George Lucas has got it right, and Paramount completely wrong. Having said that, the characters we're talking about there are primarily screen characters, not book characters, so things might (or might not) feel different for DNA's characters, I'm not sure.

Of course, there's a middle line between the extremes too: do nothing (neither discouraging or encouraging). Hard to tell if that's a good strategy or not.
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