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Subject: Re: This website ( 21 of 30 )
Posted by FingerSoup

Ok, let's see what we can do with this site to improve it.

Lets start with a forum re-organization.

1. Rename the Halfwitted crap forum to the "Theories on 42, Homework requests, and other nonsense" forum(or something of the like). To most of us, we know that postings about 42 being in base 13, and other such things are halfwitted crap, but there are too many people who are coming into the info forum for stuff that clearly opposes the MFAQ. Perhaps if the forum is renamed to reflect the most frequent violations, it will keep the other forums clear of them.

2. A Movie/Game/other current projects Announcement forum. Make this forum work in such a way so that DNA, or the game developers are the only ones who can start a new thread, but make replies available to everyone (to recieve feedback)

3. Ask the Author forum. This forum will be a streamlined version of the current Info forum. Questions to DNA will be asked. Providing that the questions are suitable, and his time permits, he will answer.

4. Fan forum. This is where the fans meet, and talk about their speculations, and Off topic posts, that don't qualify as halfwited crap. Kind of what this info forum has turned into, and what the community forum should be.

5. Talks forum. Same as it is now. Discuss DNA's lectures, talks, readings and other such apperances.
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