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Subject: Re: This website ( 18 of 30 )
Posted by Strungout

I curse your website. I came to the computer lab at around midnight to start on my research paper, which incidently is due at 9 am, and somehow i ended up on this site. I've read most of your books and rather enjoyed most of them. I even bought your computer game back in 1985(I have an excuse; I was only eight years old). When I discovered a java version of the game (talk about digging up the long dead corpses), I started playing. It's now 5:25 am, I haven't started my paper, I am obviously not intelligent enough to open the arrogant door in the spaceship Heart of Gold, and I just died from drinking too much advanced tea substitute. I will most likely recieve an F on my paper. I was much better off six hours ago, when I thought you were dead.
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