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Subject: Re: This website ( 19 of 30 )
Posted by Jesus Christ

I’ve got suggestions.

First of all, there ought to be a rule inserted where nobody’s allowed to imitate the writing style of Douglas Adams: this means that any references to god and the universe will be deleted immediately, and that the number 42 will be permanently banned from this website – quite frankly, if another person tries to make some lame joke about the universe being defined by the number 42, then I’m going to be sick all over the website. Secondly, I want the new website to be more sexy in general: this means that there ought to be more porn inserted (at least provide us with some naughty links!).

The other thing that I find annoying is the manner in which a person’s user name can be ripped off. There ought to be a registration process. That way, each of us can register to keep our very own user name. By doing this, you could also ban certain names from the forum – for example, you could make it impossible for people to try and get a cheap laugh by registering under the name ‘God’ or ‘Satan’ or ‘Marvin’ or ‘Arthur’ or something equally cheesy and unfunny.

In fact, why not start up a forum where people aren’t allowed to make jokes at all. You could call it ‘The Unfunny Forum’ – if a person were to enter this forum and post something funny (or, rather, something that they thought was funny but really wasn’t) then that person could be banished permanently.

In fact, the people who run this forum need to be far more ruthless than what they are. And they need to be more sexy, as well. Generally speaking, the people around here need to be more sexy and more ruthless.

Thank-you, good-night, and may your god go with you.

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