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Subject: Re: Chaos ( 2 of 8 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

>I was wondering on what goes through your mind when you >write.

Mostly caffeine.

>As in, do you have any tips for a young American comical >writer, who in his spare time wants to learn how to spell >so that he can actually write, and not be made fun of >because of his spelling mistakes...

I guess I'm pretty old-fashioned about this because I was taught to spell properly, and spelling reveals the evolutionary history and structure of the language, so I tend to get a bit cranky when I get lots of incredibly badly spelt emails. They mostly come from America, I'm afraid, and a few from Norway. Generally, though, Norwegians can spell English better than Americans. However, the ubiquity of spell-checkers now means that you don't have to learn to spell after all. But - you definitely should use spell-checkers, because otherwise people like me get cranky.
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