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Subject: Re: Chaos ( 3 of 8 )
Posted by Mike S.

Ah yes, the spelling thing - unfortunately, my web browser doesn't have a spell checker, so I guess that means I'll need to be more careful in these forums.

Regarding Americans having a higher number of misspellings in their messages - guilty as charged, I'm afraid, but I hope you're not counting our "misspelling" of words like "colour" and "civilisation". And even "spelt", that was a new one on me. I guess we should be following the good example of our Canadian neighbors to the north, but I digress...

I've also noticed a tendency for members of the on-line community (especial youngsters) to simply not care about spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes, and in some cases, it seems that they make them on purpose! My college-educated daughter insists on sending me emails in which she refuses to use the shift key at all, and I'm beginning to wonder if her keyboard has broken apostrophe and comma keys as well.

- Mike
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