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Subject: Re: Chaos ( 4 of 8 )
Posted by abde

Mr. Adams,

your point about spelling raises a question in my mind. given the different variations of spelling between England and America, what is the proper method when writing to a global audience? should a budding writer write exclusively in "native" mode or perform a "translation" (running it through a separate spellchecker, etc.) - i have noticed that international versions of Newsweek and PC Magazine for example follow the latter approach.

actually, since spelling reveals the evolution of a language, then mistakes are just mutations - some of which actually give rise to new forms. the same is true of grammar - the internet has accelerated this process to the point where I suspect that "netglish" will be officially defined as a separate language, with unique vocabulary, spelling, and grammar/punctuation, separate from American Standard and The Queen's English.

regarding caps, punctuation, etc - IMHO most of it simply isn't functional. but when the situation calls for it, it should be used. I personally cap proper names, etc to signify respect, but don't bother with the beginning of sentences since there is already a period. I vacillate when it comes to capping "I" and I am leaning towards dropping apostrophe entirely (eg. "dont" is just as readable as "don't", and "it's" vs. "its" can be deduced entirely from context). in general everyone has their own style which is perfectly valid.
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