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Subject: For Molly ( 106 of 122 )
Posted by Peter Parker

My daughter, Holly, was 5 two months ago. That makes me think about you. I am 44. The only books I have ever read since leaving school are your Daddy's. The only book I have ever written took me 8 months and it is a guide to life which I started to write as soon as I found I was about to become a Daddy. I wrote it just for my unborn child to make sure that if I never got to see them, he/she would still have a fathers view on everything from the importance of having good personal qualities to dealing with everything life is certainly going to throw at you.

Your Daddy was a brilliant, imaginative genius. I am one of the millions he inspired. However, Mummy's are very clever too and I am sure that yours will guide you on the right course just as your Daddy would.

As we grow up we forget things. Some good things and some bad things. I make sure I only forget the bad things! Make sure Mummy tells you lots of stories about Daddy so that you never forget just what he was like. In time, you and Mummy will not be sad when you think of him - instead you will have a big smile. Time can do magic like that.....and your Daddy knew all about time! My thoughts are with you.

Peter Parker
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