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Subject: it is not a joke ( 3 of 122 )
Posted by Kai

even though he would have loved it... but it is not.
this is very very real and unspeakably sad.

Memories flood in and have all night.

We were on stages the world over whining about "the early years between the horses and the cars" and the visions of what the net really wants to be were always just around the corner. TDV, h2g2, all of it was just slightly ahead of itself... and the saddest of it all is that he didn't get to close those parentheses and give birth again to the next level of his creations. I will miss him terribly, and forever now every new step in technology will bring back that childlike smile of his and I will think " Douglas would have loved this"

Polly Jane Rocket will have to reboot the planet now

When he made the sketches for the softcovers in Bryce he proudly told me that he had coded the 42 balls in 42 different ways to express "42" and had such fun with it.
He will take that to the ether now forever

But should there be a DOG up there, I bet Douglas will be noodling him for a larger Cinema Display already. Sock it to them!

be still my heart Kai
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