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Subject: Re: Farewell ( 90 of 122 )
Posted by Jeff Conner

It's been over a day and I still don't know how to react. Mr. Adams brought joy and laughter into the world through his writing and that is no mean feat. I am grateful that I allowed his works to touch me and change me. I am sad there won't be any more. My condolences to his wife and daughter. Their loss is greater than mine.

I am setting up a display tomorrow in my library honoring Mr. Adams. Wish I could do more. I was looking forward to him finishing Salmon of Doubt (was still eagerly awaiting it since it was listed pre-publication in Books in Print in 1995), the new movie, and anything he wrote on anything. He took a depressing subject like animal extinction, and wrote about it with humor and hope despite the things we have done.

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