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Subject: Re: Farewell ( 120 of 122 )
Posted by Pat Robinson

I hadn't taken the time lately to stop and look around.
When I finally looked there was sad news all around.
My heart feels the pain of loss, tho we never met.
I would read the stories and all my troubles left.
Well I believe I'll through myself at the ground(and miss)
I have packed my towel, had 1 last jin-n-tonix.
Our little computer is finally about to spit out the question.
The world may soon be gone, and a great man has already left.
But I would like to thank him for helping make sense(I know that doesn't seem likely)
But after enjoying his reality, I finally remembered my fish, things were clearer, I finally understood.
Time past. Life went on. May we all one day meet and enjoy the feeling of brotherhood.
So Long, Thanks for all the fish, and the wonderful times that you made poosible.
Earth will miss you, and all of your families will to.
Take care Jane and Polly, there are many out here that will help if ever there comes a need.
Just call us, ask if we have a towel, and if we are ready to go hitch hike.!!!!
Pat Robinson
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