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Subject: Re: Farewell ( 33 of 122 )
Posted by Tove


A tear for you!

I could not sleep for thinking of the sky,
the unending sky, with all it's million suns
Which turn their planets everlastingly
in nothing, where the fire-haired comet runs,
If I could sail that nothing, I should cross
the silence and emptiness, with dark stars passing;
then, in the darkness, see a point of gloss
burn to a glow, and glare, and keep massing,
and rage into a sun with wandering planets,
and drop behind; and then, as I proceed,
see his last light upon it's last moon's granites
die to a dark that would be night indeed.
Night, where my soul might sail a millon years,
is nothing, not even death, not even tears.
(John Masefield)

My friend, your now a true Hitch Hiker of all our hearts......


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