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Subject: Re: Farewell ( 91 of 122 )
Posted by Katrina

Douglas, you will be missed with all of my heart. There are so many ways that your quirky sense of humor and views of the world shaped me into the person I am today.

I started reading the Hitchhiker's series when I was 8. Do you know how twisted of an individual I have become because I was handed that paperback book from my father that early in life? I'll never see anything as a normal human being again. I love it. Douglas Adams did it to me, but it's something I would never want removed from my personality.

It's so hard to express how my insides twisted and knotted when I read the news on the computer screen this morning, half-awake. I didn't think it was real, so I kept re-reading the headline. It doesn't make any sense.

After playing Starship Titanic, I want a fishing rod. That is my only goal in life - - To build a giant spaceship in which all of the robots go crazy, to have my fellow employees stab me in the back, and then just realize all I want is a fishing rod. Thanks Douglas!

He made me the quirky me that I am. I wish I could just tell him that. I wish I could have gotten the chance to shake his hand and explain to him how he's twisted my sense of the world for the better. Geez. Time to re-read his books, tonight.


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