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Subject: Ummm... ( 12 of 27 )
Posted by Chloe

I would like to say that I find it rather silly to beleive something in blind faith. I'm growing up in a family of agnostics and it's amazing how people react to that. If I get into a deep religious conversation w/ someone they usually end up telling me I'm searching for "god" in my life and bless me. That's totally disrespecting my beliefs and I don't find that to godly. In America there is more pressure on teens to beleive in god from peers and teachers than to do drugs or drink alchohol. After talking to some of my closest friends about my beleifs and my expieriences with "god" they have totally abandoned me calling me dark and sinister because I don't share thier beliefs. How godly is that. I don't understand how someone who vowes to live by a code (ammandments) and break them daily can chastise someone who never pledged to follow it in the first place.
P.S. If you find my thoughts jumbled then please forgive me for I'm only 13 and haven't gotten my spiritual beleifs all ironed out yet.
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