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Subject: Re: Another religious question (con't) ( 19 of 27 )
Posted by Adam

I have been thinking about what Alexander said. Everything can have thoughts, but they'd be subconsious, so it is an inname object because it doesn't know it's thinking. That probably made no sense. I don't know where agnostics go. I do think that on your deathbed, you will decide whether or not God exists. It's the type of thing you'd probably think about then.

Other universes probably exist. They are just modified versions of our universe. There may also be other dimensions. We would be living in the third dimension. God must have created all those too.

I don't know where God came from. I don't know what happens to members of other religions. I could say something from the Bible, but I won't bother because I'm pretty sure it is a Christian thing, and that wouldn't accomplish anything.

I don't think God gets rid of Athiests. I think that they go to Heaven. Either that or they're subconsious. If you're consious, good for you. You have no reason to be offended by what I just said.

Plus, religious friends calling Athiest friends sinister and stuff isn't religious. I don't know why the heck they do that.
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