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Subject: Re: Another religious question (1) ( 14 of 27 )
Posted by Alexander

All right, it was "another religious question"; however, it was not another religious question about God. It was another question about something that in fact has not much to do with God -- it was question about soul and afterlife and separation of cosiscouscness (sorry, never could spell this word, there are not so many words like this in Russian) from the brain, or "thinking", if you will. In fact, it is God that got something to do with soul. And, talking about the God, of course we will never KNOW, but we can think that it doesn't exist or think that it does exist or be somewhere in between (like I am, well, actually I am closer to atheism). But, thinking logically, there is no need of God, i.e. Life, Universe and Everything (and this includes afterlife, by the way) could happen without God. There is no logical reason, why God has to exist, and there is one thing that I am sure about: if there is no reason why something should happen, i.e. everything that happenes could have happened without this thing, or nothing leads to happening of this thing, than this thing doesn't exist. Does it mean 100% that God doesn't exist? No, maybe I will find such a thing, maybe I will not, but it will exist anyway, maybe I will find such a thing, but in fact, God still won't exist, since I will be, say, mistaken. But, anyway, according to what I have right now, I don't think God exists, but leave a little probability that it still does.
How the Universe appeared? Okay, read about Bing-Bang. Then, read about two hypothesis about structure of Universe (contracting or expanding forever). I myself think, Universe is contracting, and it didn't need the God to create it. It always was there coming from little-ball size to enormous size, than back to ball, etc. If you say, that it is only God that knows who created it (I wonder how should it know, though), then, I can say, Universe knows itself who created it, or I can say, there will never be an answer. I can also ask few questions about God (like, being in the infinity, the possibility of its creating Universe was 0/infinity, or even some number/infinity, which is in fact zero); however I won't since it's not the point. ...

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