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Subject: Re: Another religious question (con't) ( 15 of 27 )
Posted by Alexander

... BUT, I was still not talking about God, I was talking about soul. I was talking that our consciousness (I think, I got the word right this time) is maybe something separate from our organic brain. I am not arguying, since when I am almost sure that God doesn't exist, I have serious doubts about soul. First of all, I would not like to mix thinking and consciousness. Thinking is interpreting, analyzing, comparing, etc. information. Computer can think. DNA (I mean Deoxyribonucleic Acid) and ribosomes can think to some degree. Lightning can think while chosing it path, and quite well by the way. But, they are not conscious of what they are thinking. I'll give you the example difference. Your medula (lower part of the brain) analyzes information coming from your body and your heart in particular, and then regulates the rate of your heart beating. Which means it thinks, and respondes. However you are not conscious about its thinking, in fact you are not conscious about what it is thinking, you don't know, whether you should increase or decrease your heart beating, you have no idea about Calcium level in your blood, you don't know that you're not getting enough oxygen in this particular moment and your medula has to increase rate of your breathing, controling your lungs already. However, you're conscious about other things. You might say, white matter, gray matter. All right. Indeed, it's gray matter impulses that you're conscious of. But,... is it cold in your room for you right now? I think, you can obviously tell. But, before you read it, you were not conscious of whether it was or was not cold. You might be singing the song quietly, but be not conscious of it, and suddenly be conscious next moment. But, you can say, I can think and hear and see and realise what I think and see and hear at the same moment. In fact, you can't. It seems that you can. But you can't. In fact, your consciousness is like mosaic: it consists of sensation of different nerve centers of your brain, but each center is sensed once at a time. However, sensation changes rapidly, so it seems that you are feeling all things at once. But, in fact you don't. Here rises a question, why should our consciousness prefer some parts of the brain over others, although all of them are thinking at one time. Why can't we do several things at a time, because our mind becomes too mosaic-looking? You can't open too many programs at one time on the computer, since it will lack virtual memory. Where is that virtual memory of the brain? In fact, there are a lot of pictures showing different parts of the brain, having different functions (I've seen one saying that halph of my brain in English and another is French, I a little wondered, where are my Russian and Hebrew, but never mind this). But not one of these pictures showes any place of the brain with label "Consciousness".
All of this led me to thinking that there might (I said "might", not "is") something else other than organic brain, that may or may not be preserved after brain's death, that might or might not be created by God, or appeared by itself when brain became complex enough or anything else. Once again, this is not argument, this is question.
I feel, like I've given here too much of what Americans call "crap-ranting", but if you've read so far, thank you. If you've not, oh well... I would appreciate if Mr Adams responded on this, but I would understand anybody thinking that it's just fluff.


P.S. The idea of atheists being destroyed and believers saved seemes quite 'interesting' for me. You deserve what you believe you should deserve. I just wonder, what do agnostics get?
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