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Subject: now, now, play nice ( 23 of 27 )
Posted by orcrist

Ladies and gentleman, let us not start a holy war. It is clear from this thread that this forum has a large number of visitors who feel strongly against the idea of god, afterlife, etc, and you will find people with strong religious views everywhere. But it is not the task of one side to change the mind of the other - any evangelists, now is the time to bite your tongues lest they be removed for you. I noticed earlier that chloe, a girl of only thirteen, just a few years younger than myself, commented on how unchristian it is to disrespect the opinion of anybody who does not hold your view. That also goes for the rest of us - I for example, am not entirely sure yet of my views on god etc, yet I stay with the Catholic church because their value system parallel's my own, they represent good human values that I think, regardless of belief in a given deity, everyone should hold, or at least consider. But ladies and gentleman, you are all adults, presumably more mature than Chloe and myself. You should recognise that such bickering is pointless, will only cause dissention and is well and truly out of place in a forum such as this. Yes, the debate may well rage on, in various religious and agnostic centres, but please leave it to the people who are too insecure to recognise that other beliefs outside of their own do exist, and have every right to.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am studying for my HSC (Australian equivalent of SAT's) and ironically I have to sit an exam tomorrow on religious education. I have to write about Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and agnosticism, WITHOUT EVER DEGRADING, REBUTTING OR DISRESPECTING EITHER ONE.
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