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Subject: The thing about "THE TRUTH"... ( 6 of 27 )
Posted by Katrine

I'm an agnostic, and the reason I am an agnostic, is that I can't see how any one religion can claim that THEIR version of the truth is the right one. I've put this to several christians, and their response was along the lines of; "yes, but even though other people belive in other things, that doesn't change THE TRUTH". Obviously, they didn't get my point.

With all the religions that we have on this planet, how is it possible to just belive in one of them, never even once asking yourself: "Well, what if the Jews/Wiccans/Mormons/Whatever are right?" After all, most religions have holy scriptures that they claim are historical, and the thing about history is that it can only have happened one way... I do not think, however, that some omnipotent force in the universe migth not exist... But we cannot prove that. We don't know what happens after death, and we cannot know. Most likely, we never will. That doesn't have to mean that there is nothing there though.
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