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Subject: Re: Another religious question ( 27 of 27 )
Posted by Frank James Chapman

DNA said:

Yes. I think the idea that any part of us persists in any form - except of course, in other people's memories, or in the things we have made or done that we leave behind us - is pure wishful thinking.

I wonder if the only explanation we're capable of inventing for the possibility of life after death is the one where a supreme being merely brings us back at some point in the future? It's almost as if they worked on it and worked on it and tried to come up with something that made sense, that would fit. NOTE: It's a pop. misconception that a spirit or whatever floats out of our bodies at death; the Bible doesn't say that. It actually says that our bodies do return to the earth and our thoughts perish utterly and we don't exist until Jehovah brings us back on Judgement Day. I don't know how that spirit leaving the body at death thing got started... Too bad the Judgement Day idea doesn't make sense or I might have joined the faith.

Religiosos like to point out that the universe itself is evidence of the creator. If they can count that kind of evidence as persuasive then they can't deny the overwhelming evidence, based on the senseless misery and suffering that is happening all the time, that either the universe is indifferent or the Creator is and you can't have it any other way, looking on the evidence.

Still, there is some precendence for logic and reason and order in this life. Where did that come from? Weird weird weird
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